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Add AniiJS to a Website

In this section we will show you how to add AniiJS to your website.

Without Babel

An example of how to add AniiJS to your website without using Babel is shown below.


Using Babel is recommended for production use.

Step 1: Add the script tag

Add the <script> tags down below to the HTML page right before the closing </head> tag:

    <!-- ... other HTML ... -->

<!-- Load AniiJS. -->
<script src="" crossorigin></script>
<!-- Add this line too, if you're not including AniiJS via "import" -->
<script type="module" src="" crossorigin></script>

<!-- Load your component. -->
<script src="my_component.js"></script>

You can change the component file name to whatever you want. In this case, we are using my_component.js.


This url will always load the latest version. If AniiJS get updates, it may break your code.
Use<id>/import.js instead.

Step 2: Create a AniiJS Component

Next, create a file called my_component.js next to your HTML file.

import {useToggle, createElement as create} from "anii";
export default function MyComponent() {
const [bookmark, setBookmark] = useToggle(false);
if (bookmark) {
return create("p", null, "Already bookmarked!");
return create(
onClick: () => setBookmark(true),

Copy the code above and paste it into the file you created.
After copying, add the following code to the bottom of the file:

// --> The code you pasted <--

const domRoot = document.getElementById("root");
Anii.render(domRoot, create(MyComponent));

Step 3: Add a DOM element which will be used as the root of your application

<!-- ... other HTML ... -->

<div id="root"></div>

<!-- ... other HTML ... -->

With Babel (JSX Support)

The following examples will use Babel for JSX support.

Quickly Try JSX



An example of how to run AniiJS using Babel with external files is shown below.


This feature is still in early development. It may not work as expected. Please use it with caution.

Step 1: ...

Step 1 desc

Step 2: ...

Step 2 desc

Step 3: ...

Step 3 desc

Making a pre-compiled Application with Babel

An example of how to compile your AniiJS code with Babel is shown below.

Step 1: ...

Step 1 desc

Step 2: ...

Step 2 desc

Step 3: ...

Step 3 desc

The end

Check out the next sections for more information on how to use AniiJS.


You have just created a simple AniiJS application. Well done!